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PLEASE NOTE: That I am currently not taking banner requests. I have been sick lately and have a backlog that I have to clear out before taking more requests. It shouldn't take too long, hopefully. I do have a few banners still available for adoption though if you are interested :)

Hi there!

Thanks for taking a looksie at my blog! :)

I just have a few things first...

- I don't tag my banners, so credit is greatly appreciated please. Just a small note wherever the banner is posted is fine :)

- I'll make banners for any pairing,. Canon, Non-Canon, Wolfpack, Slash, Femmeslash etc. (most of my banners are non-canon, haha)
- I do prefer to use the Twi actors in my banners, but if you have someone else in mind, then I am completely fine with that also.

- Graphics can sometimes take me a while to make a banner, other times I can complete one in a few hours. I promise to get to your request as soon as possible, but sometimes, there may be a bit of a wait.
I'll will get your banner to you as soon as possible, but the wait time could be several weeks. If you aren't willing to be patient, please make your request somewhere else.
Remember, banner maker's have live's too, so please be nice :)

- And lastly, please... If you already have a banner for your story, don't ask me for another one. It's not fair.
There are too many stories and not enough makers. I don't want to step on anyone else's toes, after I'm sure they spent a lot of time working on the one you already have.

If you would like to request a banner from me, you can leave a comment below, on my forum over at TwiFicPics or you can fill out my Banner Request Form here

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