Thursday, February 9, 2012

Other Fandoms - Adoptable Banners

The following four banners were made by me for the Banner-Rama contest over at FanficAholics Anon on Facebook. We were given a Fandom and a Song and had to make a banner. I was so happy that my Glee Banner made the finals!

Currently, these banners are all up for adoption. Can you tell I'm a 'Delena' fan? :p
The last one was intended for the Vampire Academy - as Rob is my Adrian, but it could also be used for a Twilight banner if you like it.

If you would like to adopt this banner, you can leave me a note here in the comments or use the 'Contact Me' page. Hope you like Lovelies :)

(Note: Your pen name can be added and tagline can be changed) 

Songs Used: Silence by Enigma feat Sarah McLaughlin, True by Spandau Ballet, If I Die Young by The Band Perry and Made of Glass by Trapt :)


  1. I love it! Can I please adopt two of these? Contact me at my FFn page: angelycdevil.